Local 11th Graders Chosen for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) Program

The Rotary Club of Monrovia is proud to announce the selection of Charissa Huntzinger, Annie Laurie Lamb, Sela Rich, Denean Minifield, Amanda Mansoorbakht, Cary Osimo, Warren Chu, Adam Szymkowski, Nathaniel Coleman, and Vartkes (Jesse) Essaian (all 11th grade students at Monrovia High School) as award winners for the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) program. Brianna Duarte and Kenneth Banuelos from Mountain Park/Canyon Oaks High School in Monrovia were also selected as award winners to attend RYLA.


RYLA is an intense 3-day seminar organized by the Rotarians of District 5300 of Rotary International.  Once there, the students debate issues of professional responsibility and human relations, work on improving leadership and communications skills, learn about businesses and institutions, and meet Rotarians while having fun and making friends.


Each student has many accolades to their credit and was selected after an interview process with current Rotarians.


RYLA will take place this year on March 2-4 in Idyllwild, CA. 288 students will be in attendance coming from Southern CA to as far as Nevada. Rotarians from across District 5300 will help facilitate workshops and activities that help foster leadership and problem solving.


Students interested in attending in the future (during their Junior year of High School) can learn more at http://www.district5300.org/ryla/