New Member: Dana Sacdalan

The Monrovia Rotary Club is pleased to welcome Dana Sacdalan to membership.

Dana is a financial coach, mother and business owner.  She started a tax, accounting and financial coaching practice (RMD Financial Services) together with her husband Manny, in Monrovia in January 2015.

Dana grew up in Spain and moved to Los Angeles to complete her undergraduate degree in Hotel, Restaurant Management. Since then she went on to complete a graduate degree in Business Administration.

Dana’s passion and calling is to coach others in the skills needed to achieve financial peace.  As a couple, Dana and Manny have coordinated financial classes at their local church to help within their parish and community.  In 2015, Dana received additional training in Nashville by Dave Ramsey’s team of coaches and as a financial coach plans to continue providing coaching both as a ministry, and a fee based service for individuals and small businesses within their company.  Most recently, Dana has implemented financial coaching directed at helping single mothers.

The Monrovia Rotary Club looks forward to partnering with Dana in her passion for community service!

Photo from right to left: Monrovia Rotary Club President, Bill Shieff, Dana Sacdalan, Dana’s sponsor, Susanne Hayek, Manny Sacdalan, back row: Tom Adams, Mayor of Monrovia and Past President of the Monrovia Rotary Club.