2018 Monrovia Rotary Scholarships Awarded

Scholarship Committee Chair Erica Hahn, and committee members, John Campbell and Richard Tipping were pleased to present the 2018 recipients of the Monrovia Rotary Scholarship program. The Monrovia Rotary Club thanks Richard Tipping for his yearly generosity in providing additional scholarship funds.

2018 Rotary Scholarship Recipients

Monrovia High School 

  • Samantha Childers
  • Kemyl Tadeo
  • Benjamin Tang
  • Brenton Guthaus
  • Gizzel Ramirez
  • Gabriel Lujan
  • Valerie Flores

Service to the Community

  • Megan Matthiesen
  • Ishika Muchhal
  • Alison Lauder
  • Madison Schoonmaker

St. Lucy’s Priory Academic Scholarship

  • Frances Jimenez

Tipping Scholarship at MHS

  • Kemyl Tadeo
  • Benjamin Tang

Tipping Scholarship – Canyon Oaks/Mt High

  • Zelda Pacheco
  • Emilio Jimenez
  • Isabel Vargas

Tipping Scholarship – St. Lucy’s Priory

  • Frances Jimenez

Billy Ryan Scholarship

  • Luis Suarez